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Routing protocols' seed metrics for redistributing

When routes are redistributed into another routing protocol, their metrics are also translated to different values depending on vendor implementation and routing protocol which the routes are being redistributed to. Tables below show what value will be chosen when redistributing between protocols with no default metric configured explicitly, that is called as “seed metric”.

The seed metrics listed below are picked from Juniper vSRX and Cisco IOS-XRv default behavior.

Juniper vSRX

from \ to ospf isis rip bgp (med)
direct 0 (E2) 0 (L1/L2) 0 none
static 0 (E2) 0 (L1/L2) 0 none
ospf ospf metric (L1/L2) 0 ospf metric
isis isis metric (E2) 0 none
rip rip metric (E2) rip metric (L1/L2) rip metric
aggregate 0 (E2) 10 (L1/L2) 0 none
bgp bgp med (E2) 10 (L1/L2) 0

Cisco IOS-XRv

from \ to eigrp ospf isis rip bgp (med)
connected variable (*1) 20 (E2) 0 (L2) (x) variable 0
static (x) 2^32-1 20 (E2) 0 (L2) (x) variable 0
eigrp 20 (E2) 0 (L2) (x) variable eigrp metric
ospf (x) 2^32-1 0 (L2) (x) variable ospf metric
isis (x) 2^32-1 20 (E2) (x) variable isis metric
rip (x) 2^32-1 20 (E2) 0 (L2) rip metric
bgp (x) 2^32-1 (*2) 1 (E2) (*2) 0 (L2) (*2) (x) variable
  • (x): default-metric must be configured to redistribute
    • (x) 2^32-1: Default metric is squashed by max value even when default-metric is configured. Note that redistribution cannot be done without default-metric.
    • (x) variable: Metric specified by default-metric is assigned.
  • (*1): Composite metric calculated from interface metrics
  • (*2): router bgp <ASN>; bgp redistribute-internal statement is required to restribute